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  • Residential air-conditioners

    Our residential air-conditioners are produced in China by Guangdong Chigo Air-Conditioning Co. Ltd. Production facilities of the company cover more than 3 mln. sq. m. area, with annual production capacity of more than 10 mln. units., this way making Chigo the biggest private-owned air-conditioning firm in China and fourth among the other companies with similar specialization. The product range includes wall-mounted air-conditioners, cassette type air-conditioners, floor-standing air-conditioners, duct-mounted air-conditioners.

  • Green energy

    Energy savings lead to decrease in households' and companies' expenses, which is important for us as company - paying less for electricity or heating, allows people to spend more on our products :) Which is very easy with our highly competetive prices. Anyway, in our product range our customer could find heat pumps by Atlantic and Chigo, class "A" air-conditioners, heat pump water heaters, solar heaters, etc. And it is in full compliance with our company's philosophy - care for the nature and economy of natural resources.

  • Heating

    We are offering electric and radiant heaters Atlantic, which could be easily distinguished among the other brands on the market, because of:

    • - wide range of power capacities (from 500W to 2500W), allowiing the customer to choose the optimal size for every room;
    • - different types of heating appliances, including not only clasic convectors, but also radiant heaters;
    • - proven high efficiency - all the heaters are equipped with mechanical, electronic or digital thermostate, precisely controlling heaters' opperation, which leads to reduced energy consumption;
    • - most of the heaters can be supplied with leggs for free standing;
    • - contemporary design.

    Building our central air conditioning products mainly include Clint, Montair and Novair. Our greatest strength is our ability to offer targeted responses tailored to specific needs, especially for large systems. Combining experience in the field of central air conditioning system with advanced technologies and innovative solutions is a prerequisite to meet the needs of our clients. Our product range in the central air-conditioning includes chillers (chillers) with a capacity of 5 to 1200 kW, roof plants and compressor condensing units, precision air conditioning systems (Close Control Systems); climatic chambers, heat exchangers, fan coil units, heat pumps , components of ventilation systems.

  • Hot water

    At first glance, our water heaters look like all the other similar products on the market, but further, more thorough look reveals that it is not very true. Atlantic brand is well known as a synonim for quality and reliability. Atlantic water heaters are designed, produced and tested in nine plants in France and 3 plants abroad, following the highest production control standards, using most advanced own technologies and with great care for the environment. Atlantic widest product range includes: vertical and horizontal domestic electric heaters, combined heaters for solar installations, storage tanks for hot water, heat pump water heaters, etc

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